Tele-Traffic UK Ltd is now able to offer the new TruPulse Tactical Rangefinder, which is ideal for police and military sniper teams.

This laser combines best in class ranging capability, with an advanced ballistic computer to measure the range to target and calculate how the prevailing conditions will affect the flight of the bullet as it travels towards the selected target.

The laser calculates the range to target, using an advanced ballistic computer that measures, barometric pressure, temperature, the degree of angle to target and adds the ammunition data, muzzle velocity and compensates for the height of the sighting scope above the barrel of the rifle in order to provide the best possible solution to the marksman. Windage deviations can also be added to any calculation within the tactical laser.

The TruPulse Tactical Rangefinder easily provides quick and accurate information using a state-of-the-art laser system with seven times magnification optics. It’s lightweight, waterproof and compact design is simple to use, offering one-button operation to both measure and calculate your ballistic solution.

The unit can be preprogrammed with ballistic ammunition data from a computer or by direct input in the field, making it the ideal solution for a wide-range of challenging, time critical situations.

For further details, please contact Mike Ricketts at Tele Traffic via 01926 407272 or 07879060402 or by email at