The Thames Valley Police is responsible for crime prevention throughout the regions of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

A major aim of the police force is to ensure road safety by deterring speeding and promoting safety.

Teletraffic UK Ltd has been providing traffic safety solutions for over 10 years and the Thames Valley Police have been using their speed systems since Teletraffic was first established.

Glyn Hollinshead is team leader of the speeding enforcement camera technicians at the Thames Valley Police. Glyn comments: “When I was required to carry out speed testing over 10 years ago I heard of Teletraffic through the Association of Chief Police Officers. They had just set up their business and were providing speed equipment that was appropriate to our needs.”

Teletraffic UK currently supply the Thames Valley Police with the handheld laser traffic tool Ultralyte LTI 20.20 as well as the LTI 20.20 lastec local video systems.

Glyn concludes: “Teletraffic’s products have been very beneficial to the Thames Valley Police. The cameras have helped to reduce crashes helping to create safer communities by protecting all road users.”

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