Tele-Traffic introduce the Community SpeedWatch Radar Device

Traffic Data Systems for Police and Government Agencies

low-cost-radarWe have been repeatedly asked to support community groups with a low cost speed-monitoring device that could be used by community groups taking part in SpeedWatch initiatives.

We have added to our range a light weight, (540grams) low cost device (£199.00 plus VAT), which is capable of monitoring speeds between 10 – 200 mph whilst maintaining an accuracy of +/- 1 mph, whilst not Home Office Approved for Enforcement this unit is more than capable of supporting Community Speed Watch Schemes.

North Yorkshire Police (NYP) has recently been supplied with 50 of these hand held radar units for use in the initial ‘roll out’ of the North Yorkshire Community Speed Watch initiative.

Working in collaboration with local Council areas Selby, Harrogate, Hambleton and York, NYP successfully ran a pilot scheme between March and September last year, following which tenders were invited to supply equipment for the project.

A partnered approach will allow community concerns to be investigated and addressed fully in line with the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan, (Priority 3).  The low cost hand held radar units supplied by Tele-Traffic have allowed NYP to introduce over twice the initial identified level of equipment, whilst remaining well within the identified budget.  Tele-Traffic is very pleased to be able to assist in the success of this project.

If you would like to know more about our Community SpeedWatch Radar or any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by ringing the office in Warwick on 01926 407272 or email us at