TruSpeed DC

Traffic Data Systems for Police and Government Agencies

The new Truspeed Data Collector laser has been completely redesigned to include the latest advances in laser technology together with a completely new chassis and exterior design. This makes the laser lighter, faster, easier to use and more accurate. The distinctive design offers unmatched technology and straight forward menu options which make it simple to use. It also has the first effective anti-detector/jammer program installed and has an integrated data collection storage facility which is easily downloadable.


Weight: 2.75 lb (1 kg) with batteries
Size: 7.75 x 3 x 11.75 in. (20 x 8 x 30cm)
Acquistion Time: 0.33 sec
Speed Accuracy: +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kmh)
Minimum Range: Speed Mode: 50ft (15m)
Weather Mode: 200ft (61m)
Continuous Mode: 50ft (15m)
Maximum Range: 2,460ft (750m) (UK specific range); standard: 4,000ft (1,220m)
Speed Measurement Range: +/- 200 mph (+/- 320 kmh)
Distance Accuracy: +/- 6 in. (+/- 15cm)
Distance Resolution: +/- 1ft (0.1m)
Beam Divergence: 2.5 milliradians nominal
Laser Wavelength: 905 nanometers nominal
Temperature Range: Operating: -30°C to +60°C
Storage: -35°C to +70°C
Power: Two alkaline, NiCad or NiMH rechargeable C-cell batteries providing up to 25 hours of cordless operation
Eye Safety: FDA Class 1 (CFR 21)
Environment: Water resistant / NEMA 4 / IP 55
Construction: Composite polycarbonate outer shell. Aluminium internal chassis
Real-Time Clock Accuracy: 20 parts per million (ppm) over the full operating temperature of -30º C to +60º C (±10 minutes per year)
Data Storage: 6,000 records stored internally

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