Handheld Speed Enforcement

The TruCAM II highlights LTI’s AdapTec™ Technology which auto adjusts the focus, iris and shutter speed for you. Quickly view license plate details and collect crystal-clear images of up to 180 metres away. Dealing with the glare of bright sunlight while trying to capture the image you need? No worries, as the TruCAM II’s large 9.4cm LCD screen is trans-reflective and enables you to clearly see what you are capturing no matter the conditions.

Colour-coded graphical icons make it easy to learn to use and you have the ability to use the touch screen or operate even when wearing gloves by using the colour-coded buttons.


Speed Mode

  • Collect speed measurements and all pertinent data for oncoming or departing vehicles within dense traffic.

Auto Mode

  • Automatically captures images within a fixed distance, such as school and construction zones.

Dual Speed Mode

  • Enforce multiple speed limits within the same highway and distinguish between commercial and private vehicles.

Night Mode

  • Allows for enforcement at night or within tunnels.

Car Distance Mode

  • Measure the speed, traveling time and distance between two vehicles.

Rear Plate Mode

  • Measure speeds as vehicle approaches and track them until the rear license plate is captured.


  • 7.4 V DC, lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery pack, short circuit and overcharge
    protected, providing up to 8-10 hours depending on frequency of use with cordless operation